In My Own Little Corner, In My Own Little Chair

Whether you are 5 feet tall or 7 feet tall, we all long for a place of our own in our homes; a sanctuary where we can cozy up with a book, talk on the phone with friends, or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. I stand just over 5 feet tall and nearly every chair I sit in is painful because my feet don’t reach the floor, and this creates strain on my back. Finding a comfortable spot is challenging. During the early COVID-19 quarantine we moved my office space into our home and I needed to find a short chair that wouldn’t give me backaches. I searched online for weeks and discovered that nearly all chairs are the same height. So I created a solution. This same solution can be used to customize comfy chairs to any height.

I simply bought a chair that had removable legs (you can find chairs similar to mine if you search for a “club chair.” The original legs were 9 inches high and I switched them with a standard sofa leg of 3 inches. I covered the chair in cozy faux sheepskin blankets and lined the walls with my art. For the side table, I repurposed an ottoman (you can see that a standard ottoman is almost 7 inches higher than the seat of this chair.) I placed a serving tray on top to use as a place for coffee and books. Whenever we need to use the ottoman in the living room, the tray can easily be lifted off. The corner uses only about four square feet. I use my chair for morning meditation and journaling, as well as for work and as a pretty place from which to film videos for the classes I teach. If you long for a cozy corner and a cozy chair or your own, it is an easy and inexpensive way to enhance your life.

Heather Salazar

Heather Salazar, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy, artist, and certified yoga teacher. She has been teaching philosophy, yoga, and meditation in university classes and at colleges since 2007. Her philosophical research focuses on the intersections of metaethics and philosophy of mind in Eastern and Western traditions and in particular on conceptions of the self and their impact on moral obligations. Her publications include _The Philosophy of Spirituality_, “Descartes’ and Patanjali’s Conceptions of the Self” (Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion 2011), "Why Are You Standing on My Yoga Mat?!" in _Yoga - Philosophy for Everyone: Bending Body and Mind_ and “Kantian Business Ethics” in Business in Ethical Focus. She is currently under contract for a monograph which assesses and contributes to neo-Kantian ethical constructivism: _Creating a Shared Morality_ and is co-editing _Mind Over Matter_.

In her art, Salazar specializes in photography, figurative charcoals and monotypes, as well as vivid oil paintings of landscapes and objects of meditation. Salazar’s art is deeply impacted by her philosophical research in philosophy. Her art graces the covers philosophy books such as _The Philosophy of Spirituality_ and all of the books in the series _Introduction to Philosophy__ (Rebus).